Community Engagement 

Park Envisioning and Dry Pond


We will be summarizing the survey results and reporting them to the City of Calgary mid March 2021 and reporting to the Community towards the end of March / early April when we have some feedback from the City. Thank you!

We are interested in hearing your views on how to improve our green space located around the TPCA Hall at 202 29th Ave NE and to inform residents about the pending 2021 dry pond install.

Tuxedo Park residents continue to experience significant flood damage resulting from inadequate stormwater infrastructure. To mitigate the impact of severe storms in the future the City of Calgary is upgrading storm sewer infrastructure and converting the park outside of the Tuxedo Park Community Association (TPCA) building into a dry pond in 2021.

A dry pond is a large open area that allows storm water to collect at a lower elevation than all surrounding streets and houses. A dry pond is created by excavating, placing a layer of gravel with drainage pipes throughout, and covering the gravel with an open field, soccer pitch, or baseball diamond. During dry weather and moderate storms a dry pond is indistinguishable from a typical field. During a severe weather event that overwhelms the storm sewer system, overflow stormwater will temporarily pool in the dry pond to prevent flooding of surrounding structures. Dry ponds will drain completely within 24 hours of a severe storm as storm sewer systems catch up.

Due to the specialized nature of the dry pond there may be limitations on future uses of the park. There is no budget for surface modifications as part of the drainage improvement project, however the TPCA wants to provide the City with the neighborhood residents’ long term vision for the park. The city may be able to design the dry pond to accommodate elements of the vision.

For detailed information the flood mitigation plans please see the City of Calgary info package.

If you have general questions or comments please contact us: