Community Engagement 

Park Envisioning and Dry Pond


Tuxedo Park Community Association has created a FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions to help share information on the Park changes and the ongoing Flood Mitigation work in our neighborhood. 

What is happening to the park:

The City, as part of storm water improvement program will be increasing the size of storm water pipes and will be creating a dry pond to reduce flooding during extreme weather events. 

Why is this dry pond needed:

The community of Tuxedo has undergone several flooding events in the past 15 years. These localized flooding events Due to micro-cell storms, we can experience 50 to 100 mm rainfall over a few hours. The existing storm water system cannot handle these events, resulting in overland flooding and flooding due to sewer and sump pump back-ups. The proposed works will allow the system to handle 1 in 50 year events, rather than the current 1 in 5 year events. The use of a dry pond to detain water is best practice. 

Why are the trees and playground being removed?

This is part of the design developed by the city of Calgary. For further information please contact

What has the Tuxedo Park Community Association done to date:

We’ve been engaging with the city and have been pushing the city to develop an adequate plan that: 

  • Replaces all amenities removed. 
  • Maintains a park that can meet the expectations of the park in the Local Area Plan. 
  • Provides clear communication to the community and impacts and long term plans.
  • Access to nearby amenities during construction.

The city has an Engage Framework and Tools to address how they communicate with and engage stakeholders. It can be found here:

The communication to date has not been clear:

Please contact the city and our City Councilor

I have heard the park may be closed for over a year, does that mean no playground nearby for my child?

The TPCA is pushing that the city minimize disruption to the community by:

  • Prioritizing the replacement of amenities and listening to the community on how best to replace them
  • Providing safe linkages to nearby amenities, such as additional safe crossings of Edmonton Trail

What will happen to the trees removed?

Trees planted in the park are a result of the 2000 Local Area Redevelopment Plan. The trees and playground are a result of that engagement. The current plan is to replace the trees 2 for 1 in surrounding communities. However, we know that Tuxedo lacks a similar canopy to other neighboring communities and the priority should be to replace the trees in the community. 


I still have concerns, what can I do?

Contact your City Councilor, city council, and the mayor and make it clear that this park and the amenities are important and not secondary to the community. Contact your MLA and make it clear that provincial funding to address the storm water issues should not end up degrading the core park in our community. 


City Councillor:

Druh Farrell, Ward 7 Councillor 403-268-2430 or send an email

You can also send this to all the other members of council.


MLA Contact:

Jeremy Nixon, Constituency phone 403-216-5430, Legislature phone: 780-643-1039, Email


Questions about the work:







We will be summarizing the survey results and reporting them to the City of Calgary mid March 2021 and reporting to the Community in the Spring when we have some feedback from the City. Thank you!

Tuxedo Park residents continue to experience significant flood damage resulting from inadequate stormwater infrastructure. To mitigate the impact of severe storms in the future the City of Calgary is upgrading storm sewer infrastructure and converting the park outside of the Tuxedo Park Community Association (TPCA) building into a dry pond in 2021.

A dry pond is a large open area that allows storm water to collect at a lower elevation than all surrounding streets and houses. A dry pond is created by excavating, placing a layer of gravel with drainage pipes throughout, and covering the gravel with an open field, soccer pitch, or baseball diamond. During dry weather and moderate storms a dry pond is indistinguishable from a typical field. During a severe weather event that overwhelms the storm sewer system, overflow stormwater will temporarily pool in the dry pond to prevent flooding of surrounding structures. Dry ponds will drain completely within 24 hours of a severe storm as storm sewer systems catch up.

Due to the specialized nature of the dry pond there may be limitations on future uses of the park. There is no budget for surface modifications as part of the drainage improvement project, however the TPCA wants to provide the City with the neighborhood residents’ long term vision for the park. The city may be able to design the dry pond to accommodate elements of the vision.

For detailed information the flood mitigation plans please see the City of Calgary info package.

If you have general questions or comments please contact us: