Community Engagement 

TPCA Beach Volleyball Courts

Tuxedo Park Community Association has an opportunity to partner with a local sports organization to bring beach volleyball courts to the green space of Tuxedo Park, located between 29th and 30th Ave NE at the East end.

The courts would be usable by adults and children and maintained by TPCA and the respected sports organization.

See sketches and renderings below.

Please reach out to Shannon, General Manager of TPCA if you have any questions or comments via email or phone 403-277-8689.

After reading through the below FAQs please. We have been soliciting feedback in 2021 and 2022 and the results are positive with 84% of respondents in favor of introducing the courts to TPCA. 


NEXT Steps:

We are working on submitting grant applications to source funding and awaiting the dry pond and drainage work to be completed. If funding is found the court construction may start late Fall 2022 or early Spring 2023.



Q: Who would pay for the court development?

A: TPCA would seek a grant to help cover the cost of construction which would be approx $75,000. Or the Sport Organization would cover the costs and have a reduced rental rate until the costs are made up.


Q: Is there a financial benefit to TPCA?

A: The Sports Organization would rent the beach courts from TPCA for an annual expected income of approx $20,000, which is a signifcant amount of rental income for TPCA.


Q: When would this project happen?

A: The project could start as early as Sept 2022 as the Dry Pond construction should be complete by Aug 2022 and the East cell greenspace would be turned back over to the City and Community. The courts would not be useable until the Spring 2023 season.


Q: Who would be responisble for maintaining the courts?

A: The Sports Organization has paid staff that would maintain the courts during the Spring and Summer seasons. Most of the repair and maintenance fees would be covered by the Sports Organization. TPCA would oversee the area and provide lawn maintenance and general care when needed.


Q: Would neighbors experience noise issues?

A: The Sports Organization and TPCA would take any noise complaints seriously and recifty any issues. Music is not played during game times, hours of play should end at 8pm.


Q: Where would players park?

A: Players could use the TPCA parking lot, or street parking along 30th Ave, 2nd Street or 29th Ave. If TPCA residents experienced parking issues TPCA could help initiate residentail parking only in front of houses along affected streets via the City of Calgary parking program with resident’s support.


Q: When could Tuxedo residents and neighbors use the courts?

A: TPCA will be able to use the courts on weekends. The Sports Organization’s bookings would be predominantly on weekday evenings.


Q: What about the baseball dimaond?

A: The sketches below do show us keeping the baseball diamond, but that may not be the case. We understand the dimaond to be under utilized and there are many baseball dimaonds in the area that can be used. There is a possibility the dimaond would not be rebuilt.


Q: What happens to the courts in the winter?

A: Many other facilities flood beach volleyball courts in the winter to utilize for skating rinks, this could be a possibility depending on rink volunteers.


Q: Is there an example of beach courts at a community association?

A: Yes, this Sports Organization has a current and successful partnership with Mardo Loop CA that has been in place for the past 20 years. We have reached out to Marda Loop CA and they recommend this opportunity. 


Q: What are the benfits other than financial?

A: The courts will bring more community members to the park, giving residents another amenity to enjoy. Increased safety and decreased mischief occurs with more activity in our parks. TPCA would create youth and adult volleyball programming of our own. More local amenities help promote Tuxedo Park as a desireable place to visit and live.


Q: Are more beach volleyball courts needed in Calgary?

A: Indoor and outdoor volleyball is in high demand in Calgary, across the province and the country. There are not enough beach courts to meet the current demand.

Please reach out to Shannon, General Manager of TPCA if you have any questions or comments via email or phone 403-277-8689.

Below are some preliminary drawing and sketches for pricing estimates.