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TPCA Beach Volleyball Courts

April 2024 Update:

The Tuxedo Park Community Association is keen to improve accessible local amenities that draw residents outdoors and improve connection and wellbeing, and also benefit our local businesses. So, when the Parks and Open Spaces department of the City of Calgary approached us and suggested that they would like to install beach volleyball courts in the under-utilized corner of our park, our board thought it would be a great idea. The beach volleyball courts will provide a great activity for residents. 

The derelict Tuxedo Park School has been increasing social discord, but with the new walking paths and green space due to the dry pond construction and an amazing playground, we are seeing less discord and improved community connection due to our residents having an outdoor gathering space. The City’s beach volleyball courts will provide another gathering space, bringing more people to the park, which will make our area more vibrant and should further decrease the social angst we have been battling.  

A community survey done in 2021 by the TPCA showed that residents and neighbours wanted to see more amenities in our community including an improved playground, walking paths and skating rink (which have been accomplished). We also heard that gathering spaces and picnic areas are of interest, and sporting opportunities, including sport courts, were highly ranked.

“I’m right across the street and it would be lovely to see more activity in the community. Increases vibrancy, encourages activity, and furthers a sense of community.” TPCA Resident

The TPCA polled residents in early 2022 over a 6-month period, and 84.3% of respondents were in favour of beach courts, 7.8% were not in favour, 5.9% were undecided, and 2% with no opinion. That information was shared via our monthly meetings and our AGMs in 2021, 2022, and 2023. 

Residents close to our new dry pond green space do have construction fatigue as the City took much longer than anticipated to complete the construction. We do understand that the volleyball court construction will add to this construction fatigue and we have been advocating for a speedy construction period to the City of Calgary.  Residents have expressed concern about the upkeep of the courts. Calgary Parks and Open Spaces has assured us and residents that they will maintain the courts well and they will be an asset for our community.

The TPCA does not have the court design plans or construction timing yet from the City of Calgary.

City of Calgary Tuxedo Park Beach Volleybal Court website: