Join us on June 4th at &pm at the Tuxedo Park Hall for a discussion and feedback session on Development and the Vision on our Community. 

We will be breaking into groups and each group will rotate through 5 tables and develop their vision for the topic at that table. Topics are:

  • Center Street
  • Edmonton Trail
  • Tuxedo Park
  • North Central LRT
  • Traffic

The Community Association is sometimes consulted by Developers and by the City on proposed developments.

These include:

  • Land-use rezoning
  • Major developments such as condominiums, commercial buildings, apartments etc.
  • Developments that fall outside or exceed normal bylaws or restrictions

These often do not include:

  • New Single detached houses (single family homes)
  • New semi-detached houses (side-by-side attached homes)

The Community Association wants YOUR input so we that when we are consulted, we are making the RIGHT decisions and giving the RIGHT opinions!

See you then.