Tuxedo Park Community Association

December 2015 Ward 9

Hello Ward Neighbours!

Our first instinct at the mention of winter is usually to retreat into the warm confines of our homes, away from blizzards, snow and ice. Then, every year, we see the first snow fall and how it transforms our city into a wonderful, perfect picture of snow covered trees, and untouched snow in our parks, from which we can see our majestic Rocky Mountains.

It’s at that point that we realize that winter in Calgary, more often than not, is a gift – a gift that we generously share with the world, but is ultimately ours.

And we are very good at enjoying that gift.

In Ward 9, we are particularly good at blending winter, fun, community, and recreation together. From Crossroads Market, to the City-renowned “Christmas in Inglewood”, to the famous and well-attended Dover Breakfast with Santa, to the outdoor rink time we spend with our friends, family and neighbours throughout our entire ward. I encourage you to step out of your community for at least one event to see how your neighbouring communities are adding to the vibrancy of our spectacular Ward.

That sense of community also extends into what we continually do with, and for, our neighbours. We help our neighbours by being Snow Angels – keeping sidewalks free of snow and ice for the older adults – and maintaining the beauty of our communities at the same time. We participate in diverse celebrations with one another from Hanukkah, to Bodhi Day, from Christmas, and Eid-Milad ul-Nabi to Zarathosht Diso, and, as we do throughout the year, live the holiday spirit of goodwill, community advocacy and appreciation for one another.

Finally, I ask you to turn your thoughts and open hearts to those in our communities that have had a rough go this year, whether it be from health, finances or other personal struggles. As community members we must let them know that we are here for them.

We are a diverse Ward that is connected by a thread of togetherness that shows itself in the beautiful tapestry of Calgary. While we reflect on a year of new found opportunities for our communities, we must keep that same spirit and take that essence into the New Year so that we can continue to find and develop innovative solutions to complex issues.

I wish you all a fantastic holiday season and joyous New Year.

Yours truly,

Ward 9

City Councillor