Tuxedo Park Community Association

Open Letter to Craig Coolahan

Dear Mr. Craig Coolahan – Member Elect,

I am thrilled that our respective electorate in Winston Heights-Mountview and Tuxedo Park, like the rest of Alberta, were so incredibly engaged in the political process during this historic provincial election. It seems we’ve collectively decided that we want something different.  I congratulate you, for becoming the next Member of the Legislative Assembly and representing Calgary-Klein. It is an exciting time to live in Alberta and it’s been gratifying to see, in this election, the hopes, aspirations and ambitions of Calgarians in many ways further align with my Great Neighbourhoods mission. This mission began in the equally-historic municipal election of 2010, with the game-changing arrival of Mayor Naheed Nenshi onto Canada’s political landscape. It is my hope that the promise that our new Premier represents proves worthy of similar accolades in the fullness of time.

It is my pleasure as the Calgary City Councillor for these communities to facilitate and foster a great relationship with you. Such a relationship is essential in best fulfilling our duties to the people that have elected us to serve them. While I want to acknowledge the great working relationship I enjoyed with your predecessor in addressing individual constituent concerns, the same cannot be said of developing a more strategic agenda on behalf of our communities. This election offers a great opportunity to reboot the Calgary Caucus of MLAs from a body disassociated from the pressing needs of our City, to a powerful and influential ally in Edmonton.

I hope our strategic work together will address a wide body of issues including comprehensive flood mitigation, the establishment of a Big City Charter for Calgary, predictable funding sources for growing our transit system, programs for supporting our seniors, a broad commitment to affordable housing and poverty reduction, and seizing opportunities to improve upon our citizens’ access to recreation.

Please know that I am at your disposal and you can treat my office as a resource to assist you during this time of transition. Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your victory and to offer you my sincerest best wishes.


Yours truly,