Tuxedo Park Community Association

2015 Schedule of the Tuxedo Backyard Gazette

Hi Tuxedo, for those of you wondering when information is submitted for print in our Tuxedo Newsletter, please see the below article submission and delivery date of our newsletters for 2015.

Issue                                    Submission Deadline                       Delivery Date

February 2015 January 10th Feb 5th
March 2015 February 10th March 5th
April 2015 March 10th April 2nd
May 2015 April 10th May 7th
June 2015 May 10th June 4th
July/August 2015 June 10th July 2nd
September 2015 August 5th August 27th
October 2015 September 10th October 1st
November 2015 October 10th November 5th
Dec 2015/Jan 2016 November 10th December 3rd