Tuxedo Park Community Association


A resident contacted me the other day asking me if the Community Association was going to fight the development of the North Central LRT coming through our neighborhood. This got me thinking – how many other residents of Tuxedo Park are just discovering that an LRT line might be built through their neighborhood on Centre Street or Edmonton Trail? How many residents support it? Oppose it?

I strongly encourage everyone to find out as much as they can about the project from upcoming City Open Houses, from the Community Association, from your City Councillor and from the City of Calgary website.

It’s important to get the facts early and start asking the City tough questions – how will this affect my house? My neighbourhood? My quality of life? Am I going to be able to walk across Centre Street or am I going to have to detour 10 blocks to cross it? One thing to note that is unique about this leg of the LRT compared to the rest of Calgary is that the City is proposing street-level cars that would travel slowly through dense neighbourhoods like ours and run on the street with traffic.

The Community Association wants to hear from you on this important issue so we can take the right approach with the City – we look forward to hearing from you!

We will be posting Development Committee meeting dates and times as well as a Development-focused community discussion to our website in the coming months. For your neighbours who don’t have access to the internet, please let them know they can watch our bold signboard on Centre Street and 29th Ave NE as well as the sign outside the Tuxedo Park Hall.