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Edmonton Trail Road Reconstruction Project March update

Major Roads Reconstruction Program

The City of Calgary has a program in place dedicated to reconstructing Calgary’s aging roadways – the Major Roads Reconstruction Program. Elbow Drive, between 4 Street and Glenmore Tr. S.W., and Centre Street, between 42 and 54 Avenues, have already been reconstructed under this program.

Edmonton Trail, from 16 Avenue to 41 Avenue, is the next major roadway on the list for reconstruction. The project will be completed over two years. In 2013, Edmonton Trail, from 28 to 41 Avenues N.E. was reconstructed under this program. In the spring, crews will complete any minor remaining work in this area, such as concrete and landscaping work next to the road.

Complete our survey

Visit www.calgary.ca/edmontontrail to complete a survey on the effectiveness of communication during Edmonton Trail road construction in 2013 from 28 to 41 Avenues. We will use the results to improve communication in upcoming road construction projects. The survey will be open from Feb. 24 to March 17. We will post survey results on the project web page and report on the results in community newsletters.

Upcoming work – 2014

The next phase of the Edmonton Trail Road Reconstruction project includes the area from 16 Avenue to 28 Avenue N.E.  This work is planned to start in spring 2014 and should be complete by fall 2014. Any minor work not completed in 2014, such as landscaping, will be completed the following spring.

The primary focus of this work is on removing the existing pavement and rebuilding the roadway to improve the road’s condition. The road will not be widened during construction. Streetlights will be replaced and sidewalks and driveways will be rebuilt as required. Any existing landscaping disturbed during construction will be repaired.

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