Tuxedo Park Community Association

Attend July 24th Meeting with City on Tuxedo Flooding – We Need You

Update from Ward 9 Office:

The long awaited Drainage Report is coming to the Standing Policy Committee (SPC) on Utilities & Corporate Services. In our last update in May, our office encouraged everyone to either share your letters with us or attend the June meeting. As a result of flooding, the SPC on Utilities & Corporate Services meeting has been rescheduled to next week to July 24th. When the agenda is available, we will share the link but in the meantime, here is the information.

Send your letter to our office regarding how the flooding affects your life and we will share it at Committee when the Drainage Report comes before theSPC on Utilities & Corporate Services rescheduled to July 24th. Please include one or two of the worst photos for the file.

Alternatively, you are welcome to join us at Committee to share your experience in person and urge for funding of storm drain infrastructure improvements. The meeting has been moved due to the recent flood event and the details are as follows:

Standing Policy Committee on Utilities & Corporate Services

Wednesday July 24, 2013 at 1:00 pm

City of Calgary Hearing Room, Suite 101, Main Floor

Deerfoot Junction III Building, 1212 – 31 Avenue NE

 You can help too!

  • Forward this message to other interested parties and have them email our office to be added to the contact list

Next Steps

(upcoming actions)

  • Team Ward 9 will continue to collect letters regarding how the flooding impacts lives of Tuxedo Park residents and prepare them for submission to the SPC on Utilities & Corporate Servicesrescheduled to July 24 th
  • Team Ward 9 will send out the agenda for the SPC on Utilities & Corporate Services rescheduled to July 24 th
  • Team Ward 9 will keep you updated and provide timely information


History(most recent to least recent)
July 17/13 Update #5 went out with an invitation to SPC on Utilities & Corporate Services rescheduled to July 24th.
May 14/13 Update #4 went out with meeting minutes and next steps
May 1/13 Tuxedo Park Drainage Study public meeting and open house. Many residents in attendance along with Community Association and Team Ward 9
Apr 29/13 Update# 3 went out
Mar 18/13 Update #2 went out with an invitation to a public meeting
Dec/12 Draft report submitted
Spring through Summer /12 Consultants hired and study on the catchment area undertaken
Nov3/11 Update # 1 went out
Oct 19/11 A community wide meeting took place with concerned residents, the community association, Team Ward 9, representatives from Water Services and the Roads District manager
Fall 2011 Team Ward 9 organized and advertised a community wide meeting to discuss the issue and potential solutions
Aug 23/11 Councillor Carra met with two separate groups of residents to understand their concerns, one group from 27 Ave and one group from 31 Ave
Aug 18/11 Team Ward 9, Water Services and Roads met onsite to discuss the issue and potential solutions
Summer 2011 Two more major rain events occurred in Tuxedo part, once again causing damage to homes and properties. Residents began contacting Team Ward 9
Fall 2008 The below report was completed. Eight catchments (communities) were identified as needing a full hydrodynamic drainage analysis to determine exactly what is going wrong with the drainage systems that is causing the flooding.  Mount Pleasant/Tuxedo Park was identified as fourth study to be undertaken (that wasn’t already being undertaken at the time of writing)
Fall 2007 A June 5th 2011 rainfall report was initiated
Summer 2007 Two major flood events occurred in Tuxedo Park damages many homes and properties