Tuxedo Park Community Association

Tuxedo Park eNews – And Why I Volunteer

As a resident in Tuxedo Park for over 10 years, I have often felt disconnected from my neighbors and my community.  I was sad that my daughter didn’t have local friends to play with. Scheduling play-dates and having to drive her to friend’s houses doesn’t exactly support spontaneous play! I knew very little people in our community, and I was continually reading our Gazette newsletter about how our community desperately needed new volunteers.

I knew I should be getting more involved, attending our community events, volunteering etc, but instead I did nothing.

Instead I focused on improving our house, trying to chat with our neighbors here and there, saying hi to people when out walking, but still, I was feeling disconnected.

Then I, like many other residents attended Tuxedo Park’s AGM last year, where many were outraged upon learning about a men’s recovery center scheduled to be built in our community. I went into the Tuxedo Park meeting opposing the facility and a bit angry this had all gone on without me knowing. When I finally left the meeting I realized that I had NOT been a part of my community, and was disconnected because I had never offered to get involved. If I had attended meetings I would have known about this, and many other important issues impacting me and my family.

One issue that was brought up several times that heated night was a lack of communication. “Ah” I thought! I can help with that. Now over a year later, I have been attending our general meetings, was elected to the board, and have started our new eNews letter (sign up here), a Twitter page and a Facebook page. My goal is to significantly improve communication channels between Tuxedo residents, businesses, the board, the general members, our alderman and our city.

There are so many great things, great people, so many challenges and so many opportunities within our community, and I am super pumped (yes SUPER PUMPED) to be doing this eNews letter and hopefully helping bring our community a bit closer, and helping share a variety of information that impacts us and our adorable community we call home.

So thank you to everyone who has signed up for our eNews, and it checking our Twitter page and Facebook page.

Please send me any ideas, or questions or notes. These are not “push” communications (pushing information at you), I instead envision a conversation happening in Tuxedo with all of our residents. For example on our Facebook page anyone can start a conversation, so its up to ALL of us to start sharing information, commenting and discussing (and hopefully attending, volunteering and planning!). Because, well,our home is important to all of us.

All the best,
Shannon Bowen-Kelsick (email me)